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ok, so I actually won a contest with this... and I can't seem to get very far. It is my baby, so take care of it. Please.

There are three numbers that define who I am. One, for first degree murder, what I was charged with. 17427, my cell number: and 12, how many minutes it tookme to escape. 

Original Fic Plot Bunny For Adoption

Hey all,
Here's a plot bunny that's been bothering me for some time but I don't have time to write it out. So sadly, I've decided to put it up for adoption in the event that one of my fellow writers might want to tackle this one. :(
If you're interested, please leave me a comment telling me you're using it and I would appreciate it if you let me know when you finish it. Also, please credit the idea to me (misha_monstell) when you post it.
Anyway, onto the plot bunny:


Nearly a century and a half into the future, the world has undergone drastic changes. But none are more drastic than the new metropolises that dominate the earth...or rather, the skies. Huge towers dot the face of the planet, each reaching at least a mile into the sky. Each is designed so a human being can survive in the metropolis their entire lives. In fact, humans have lived in these towers for so long that knowledge of the outside world has faded into obscurity. Some even venture as far as to say that a society of humans has survived this long out there. Everyone in the metropolises dismiss this as pure legend, but what if it was actually true... What if there is a whole society out there that has survived all this time? And what if, rather than becoming creatures of the skies, they went the opposite direction...down?


Well that's it. Also, if you want to post the finished story or any of your other original fiction in a newer community and help spread the word about it (maybe get some helpful comments from the current members ;)...), you can join and post at the ficwritershouse community. They also accept beta-reader offers and plot bunny adoption posts. Thanks and have fun writing. :)
P.S. I hope it's okay that I added the little 'advertisement' at the end...

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Plot bunny that won't go away:

Darcy is a fifteen year old girl from the heart of the Bible Belt. However, not only is she a Lesbian in a place where homosexuality can get you killed, but she is also a Wiccan. When her parents find out after a brother rats on her, she is forced out of her home.

Darcy takes refuge in the home of her friend Anna, who's family accepts Darcy as someone who needs to be "guided down the right path" so to speak, but except for Anna, they don't especially welcome her.

Then, Anna falls mysteriously and severly ill. After hospital doctors can't figure out what's wrong with Anna, who is next to death, Darcy is asked to use her knowledge of Wicca and herbal medicine to cure Anna. If she can 't cure Anna, Darcy's own life may be at stake.


This is inspired by someone my RL friend told me about, and I don't think I'm the right one to write this story. However, I'm really interested in its progression, so whoever takes it, PLEASE keep me updated!

My First Plot Bunny

A very strange dream I had recently. Someone might be able to use it, if only as part of a story. (Possibly the animorph one that someone already suggested?)

Two people, humans, are on a date. It's not their first date. One feels guilty about having lied for so long. Turns into a cat. Says something to explain. The other then turns into a cat as well, and says something to express their relief.

I'm afraid that it's not the most developed of ideas...
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Alright, I've never tried writing this, but it still might be interesting.
I'm working on something else right now, so i can't write this one right now.
Alright, so the main character is an animorph (he or she can morph into an animal form, preferably just one form.)
He or she lives in our world, or maybe another one if you prefer, but either way, this is not a normal ability, not something everyone can do. As it starts, the protagonist has complete control of this ability. Soon however, he or she begins to lose that control and morphs at inopportune times. I don't even have a thought to how this ends, but the novel itself would have to deal a lot with the stress and isolation this loss of control would bring with it.
Thus, i have put my first plot bunny up for adoption. It's so hard to let them go...:)
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What a cool idea for a group-----

Here's one:

Story starts a few days before a main character gets out of prison on parole- He re-enters society and sees it in a totally different light than how he saw it when he went into prison (and it could even be that he was wrongfully imprisoned). By the end of the novel he decides he wants to go back because it is the only life that makes sense to him anymore....

I actually tried writing this once and I can't seem to make it work for myself but if anyone else wants to try -- have at it.
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Plot Bunny #1

An up-and-coming courtier in a court of any monarch of any country (up to you) finds out about a plan to usurp a less-than-popular monarch. He/She is torn between his/her duty to the monarch and his/her feelings to the people.