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Alright, I've never tried writing this, but it still might be interesting.
I'm working on something else right now, so i can't write this one right now.
Alright, so the main character is an animorph (he or she can morph into an animal form, preferably just one form.)
He or she lives in our world, or maybe another one if you prefer, but either way, this is not a normal ability, not something everyone can do. As it starts, the protagonist has complete control of this ability. Soon however, he or she begins to lose that control and morphs at inopportune times. I don't even have a thought to how this ends, but the novel itself would have to deal a lot with the stress and isolation this loss of control would bring with it.
Thus, i have put my first plot bunny up for adoption. It's so hard to let them go...:)

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