Firerose Arien (firerosearien) wrote in adoptaplot,
Firerose Arien

Plot bunny that won't go away:

Darcy is a fifteen year old girl from the heart of the Bible Belt. However, not only is she a Lesbian in a place where homosexuality can get you killed, but she is also a Wiccan. When her parents find out after a brother rats on her, she is forced out of her home.

Darcy takes refuge in the home of her friend Anna, who's family accepts Darcy as someone who needs to be "guided down the right path" so to speak, but except for Anna, they don't especially welcome her.

Then, Anna falls mysteriously and severly ill. After hospital doctors can't figure out what's wrong with Anna, who is next to death, Darcy is asked to use her knowledge of Wicca and herbal medicine to cure Anna. If she can 't cure Anna, Darcy's own life may be at stake.


This is inspired by someone my RL friend told me about, and I don't think I'm the right one to write this story. However, I'm really interested in its progression, so whoever takes it, PLEASE keep me updated!

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