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Adopt a Plot Bunny Today!

...And go home happy!

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Plot Bunny Adoption Centre
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Welcome to the Plot Bunny Adoption Centre!

What is a Plot Bunny?

A plot bunny is an idea that you have for a story, but you don't want to write it. So, you give the idea up for "adoption" by another writer.

How do I put a Plot Bunny up for adoption?

Post your idea as an update (to the community, obviously), and cite any specifics as to how closely you want to work with the adopter author, any names that you want to remain in place, etc.

How do I adopt a Plot Bunny?

Comment in an entry announcing a plot bunny and say that you wish to adopt it. Wait for the original poster of the idea to reply before beginning the story.

So I've finished the story, what do I do now?

Well, it's up to you and the person whose plot bunny you have adopted as to what to do. You can post the story on a fanfiction or fiction site, try to publish it...etc. It's all up to you.

What kind of plot bunnies do you accept?

Any plot bunny that is not NC-17 material. It can be fanfiction or orginal fiction, all up to you.

Can I post my writing here?

This is a community for plot bunnies...if you wish to post your writing it MUST follow the following:

a) Be under an lj cut (lj-cut) stuff under cut (/lj-cut). Replace the () with <'s and you're set.
B) It MUST be relevant to the plot bunny you have adopted

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